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ANTI - Swim to Win!
Anti's International experience in the design and manufacture of aquatic technologies extends back to 1972 when his copany, Anti Wave, first supplied swimming equipment to the Munich Olympic Games swimming pool. Since then Anti's designs have been consistently used in Olympic and other major international swimming competitions ever since.

The Anti Wave Maxi 150 Lane is a premium lane with a proven record. It incorporates our considerable research into high speed wave quelling together with the durability for which AntiWave is famous. This lane is for top competition events at the highest level. .....more
Storage Reels are made with aluminium complete with green covers which protect the lanes from dust and UV radiation. .....more   
The AntiWave SuperBlock is the premium block for major competitions and is designed to accommodate the latest starting techniques. .....more
The Anti Waterpolo goal is fabricated from our special aluminium extrusions and composite plastics for durability and reliability. .....more
AntiWave Stainless Steel Fittings are strong, corrosion-resistant and long lasting. Over thirty years of experience means that these fittings are purpose designed and built for effective performance in your pool. .....more
The AntiWave Movable Bulkhead meets the highest international standards. Installed in the venues for the Sydney Olympics, World Cup Singapore, Beijing National Team    and Palembang Southeast Asian Games. .....more
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