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Hytek Sports Software

Powering 98% of the Swimming World!

HY-TEK Meet Manager for Swimming is the most widely used  meet management software in the world.
  • Able to stream live results to iphone, ipad and android phones
  • Multiple Methods for Seeding Heats
  • Real Time Results to the Web
  • PDF all Reports
  • Meet Entry and Entry Fee Reports
  • Multiple Individual and Team Point Scoring Methods
  • Interface to 16 Different Timing Systems
  • Meet Summaries and Record Breaker Updates and Reports
Taking Swim to the Clouds!
HY-TEK TEAM MANAGER for Swimming provides coaches, parents and administrators with easy-to-use swim club software. The system is designed to completely automate the administration and performance tracking for teams at all levels of competition. Organize your team with less stress and more resources at the tips of your fins. With our newest version of TEAM MANAGER, you can now manage some of your swimmer information from our web-based technology, allowing you to access it from any Internet connection.
TEAM MANAGER makes running a team simple with functionality that allows you to:
  • Track top times (best or overall) by event or swimmer
  • Integrate workout management
  • Record team / pool / league records and time standards
  • Pull reports and print labels for meet entries
  • View and print rosters with personal details and attendance lists
  • Chart performance graphs
  • Print ribbon awards and improvement labels
  • Pick "Best Relays"
  • Transport split sheets to meets
  • Export best times, meet results and entries, records, and more to Team Stats Online
  • View length of time a swimmer has been on your team
  • Keep tabs on athletes that haven’t registered yet for an upcoming meet
  • Sync up foreign swimmer declarations directly with MEET MANAGER

With TEAM MANAGER, entering a meet is easy and eliminates the tedious data entry that is normally necessary. Just specify an entry qualification time (if any) and TEAM MANAGER will list all eligible swimmers and the events their best times qualify them for. From there, simply click on the events to be participated in by each swimmer! It's easy, fast and accurate. TEAM MANAGER will export these meet entries for the meet host.

Never again have a delay with publishing meet results-results can be entered just as quickly and efficiently. Select the event and TEAM MANAGER will display all eligible swimmers for that event. Click on a swimmers name and enter his / her swim time (optionally enter splits, stroke rate, place and points). Or use TEAM MANAGER to import meet results from the meet host! It's easy.

You will have more insight into each swimmer on your team than ever before with the robust reporting tools offered by TEAM MANAGER. Access hundreds of reports including Best Times, Split Sheets, Meet Eligibility, Meet Results, Mailing & Award Labels, Rosters, Records and Time Standards, Meet Entries, Meet Entry Fee Reports and many, many more.

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